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14 Dec 2018. Still painting in oil, but getting more watercolors done at the moment. See my Instagram account to view them.


Boomerang! — is a world-wide artist sketchbook, that starts and ends in an unlikely place, Mannheim Germany. This project was inspired by many, but mostly from sending sketchbook pages back and forth to another artist and good friend in the USA. Through our irregular but sometimes highly involved exchanges, I was reminded of how my own work is influenced by the work and processes of others. This coupled with a little pressure to return another eye stunner made the experience extremely rewarding and challenging. I thought I would expand on my private, on-going project and do the same but try to involve as many others as possible.

In this day and age of digital blips and beeps, I would like to reintroduce the soulfully real sketchbook that we will all be a part of its making. This tangible thing has got to be physically delivered/mailed and each participant has to have their grippers on it at least once! Boomerang participation will require leaving the house and going to the post office.

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