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I've been playing drums off and on for almost 20 years and I still have not developed into a serious musician. My technique is substandard, my timing is wiggly and I am not very versatile. I am basically a one-trick pony that provides a lot of sweat and gyro-ape-arming. It’s amazing how many good musicians have allowed me to work with them. Thanks! P.S. I am hoping to get more sonic in the near future (wink-wink). Any takers?

These are some of the music projects I've been involved in.


UNTOGETHER 1999-2001

Power-pop. I really liked these guys. I was their part-time, rent-a-drummer. It was diffucult to provide my full input as most of the songs had already been developed and the drums were usually envisioned to perform and sound a certain way. I wish they would have kept it going by finding a replacement in their hometown of Cologne. I am still apologetic about cancelling the show with the White Stripes- but shit.... no place to sleep and I had to work on the day of the show and the day after the show with at least a 3 hour drive each way. I did the math and it equated to a funky situation. What a pickle.

Semi-Permanent, CD released 2000

Warm & Punchy  (01:53)

Catfucker  (05:21)

Shopping Mall  (04:49)

The Wire Song  (03:36)

Queen Of Kings  (03:20)

Up Market  (03:14)

Olympia On Our Backs  (03:23)

Deviate  (04:09)

Notions From A ...  (05:40)

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