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I've been playing drums off and on for almost 20 years and I still have not developed into a serious musician. My technique is substandard, my timing is wiggly and I am not very versatile. I am basically a one-trick pony that provides a lot of sweat and gyro-ape-arming. It’s amazing how many good musicians have allowed me to work with them. Thanks! P.S. I am hoping to get more sonic in the near future (wink-wink). Any takers?

These are some of the music projects I've been involved in.


CRUMP 1998-2000

Slapstick-performance-garage-slop-rock. I got to play drums, yelp and write lots of lyrics. Live shows meant, dressing-up in jumpsuites and gasmasks, or 3 piece suites- and of course, pouring lots of libations down our pie-holes. We switched instruments after every song which create a very chaotic stage presence. Think of the Stooges, the 3 Stooges… on crack. We played some legendary shows in Mannheim. But nothing quite matched the night we played in the rain, near a glacier in the Alps. It was a downhill skate competition. We were on ORF (Austrian) TV. The inventor of "gunk" jumped up on stage, hugged and kissed me, then jumped off stage and out of sight. Those skaters really know how to show their appreciation.

Dope Audio, CD released in 1999

Digits & Units  (02:33)

Actuals Reported  (03:15)

Collapse  (02:07)

Nothing In It For Us  (03:43)

Weak On Silver  (05:24)

Sample Jones  (04:04)

Deluxe Opener  (03:33)

Lighthouse  (03:37)

Now  (02:43)

Hand Held Hearts  (03:57)

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